Instructions for booking ticket and reservation for Da Nang – Ly Son boat

Booking information
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We introduce to our customers the process of booking ticket and reservation for Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry in just 3 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: You can book tickets online via Zalo/Phone/Message to the following numbers: 088 921 1234088 927 1234088 937 1234

You choose the departure and arrival point, round trip or one way, time (departure date, return date) and the number of passengers and children traveling with you.

The information you need to provide includes: Full name, ID number, Year of birth

Step 2: We send you back the amount to be paid and the payment method

Please pay the amount reported by the agent/customer consultant via the following specific account number:

  • Account number: 0081001293092
  • Bank for Foreign Trade of Vung Tau Branch (Vietcombank Vung Tau Branch)
  • Content: Customer’s name ( or person representative for ticket booking) – Telephone number

After payment, please send the PAYMENT or RECEIPT to us via our agent/consultant.

Step 3: After you pay us, we will transfer the ticket back to you via Zalo or according to your previous contact method.


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