Trung Trac fast ferry

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Trung Trac fast ferry is a 5-star double-hulled CATAMARAN ship made of aluminum alloy, 47m long and 12m wide. With a capacity of 600 passengers, 4 x 12V4000M53 ROLLS ROYCE engines, speed 35 – 37 knots.

Trung Trac ships speed up to 35 knots (about 65 km/h). Ship design includes VIP compartment; Universal compartment; Outdoor deck upstairs. Time for a trip by speedboat Can Tho – Con Dao from 3 to 4 hours. The ship is built in Vietnam and the Vietnamese two-hull ship has the fastest speed. The ship can withstand waves of level 7.

Trung Trac fast ferry

The ship is equipped with 2 large lifeboats, a lifebuoy system and personal buoys for guests along the hull.

Interior of Trung Trac fast ferry

This is the second ship built in Vietnam, the ship is equipped with luxurious interior, modern entertainment equipment, spacious passenger compartment, soundproof floor and special sound system with headphones. rope, creating a quiet space for customers to create comfort, help crew and passengers not get tired and reduce seasickness syndrome.

Trung Trac fast ferry 

Interior image of Trung Trac ship


VIP seats of Trung Trac fast ferry
VIP seats of Trung Trac fast ferry
VIP seats of Trung Trac fast ferry

The VIP compartment on the upper deck, 130-degree reclining seats, is equipped with a separate entertainment screen with rich content according to international standards.


ECO seats on the downstair of Trung Trac fast ferry
ECO seats on the downstair of Trung Trac fast ferry

Seat layout diagram of Trung Trac fast ferry

Trung Trac train has 598 seats including: 30 VIP seats, 176 upper deck seats and 392 Eco seats distributed as follows:

Details of Trung Trac ferry

  • Shipyard: 189 . One Member LLC
  • Location: Hai Phong, Vietnam
  • Closing date: April 22, 2019
  • Main date of booking: July 30, 2018
  • Launch date: March 20, 2019
  • Factory hull number: 189-4212.K31-02
  • Design symbol: 189-4212.K31
  • Hull Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Number v. Horizontal watertight: 4
  • Number of continuous decks: 1
  • Engine room location: A – Rear
  • C.Length of deck structure(m): F 21,000 P 3,770
  • Total cargo capacity: g141
  • Number of passengers: 598
  • Tank capacity: Fw 8.2
  • Certificate of Grade (code TB): 175/B1
  • Maximum length Lmax (m): 46,850
  • Ship length L (m): 44,700
  • Maximum width Bmax (m): 2,200
  • Width of vessel B (m): 11,380
  • Side height (m): 4,250
  • Total capacity GT (TM69): 682
  • Effective capacity NT (TM69): 250
  • Summer freeboard (mm): 2404
  • Submergence (m): 1,650
  • Displacement of full load (T): 265.0
  • Zero vessel weight (T): 212.19
  • Tonnage (T): 52.9
The wifi system is installed on the Trung Trac fast ferry

Connecting Da Nang – Ly Son for the first time with the largest double-hull fast ferry in Vietnam

In the near future, the Trung Trac high-speed train will operate on the Da Nang – Ly Son route, which is the first high-speed train line in Vietnam connecting Da Nang city and Ly Son island district. The naming of Queen Hai Ba Trung as the name of the ship Trung Trac is an international practice and culturally honoring women of the West, partly expressing the wish of Phu Quoc collective to “Connect Vietnam’s mountains and rivers”. Express, contributing to diversify the trains to Ly Son.

The new line creates conditions for visitors to easily connect, exchange and learn about culture and experience the beauties of people and ecology, where the train line passes. The ship route has strategic significance connecting regions, easy transshipment from the delta to the continental shelf to remote islands, contributing to making shipping tourism a key industry of the country.


Trung Trac fast ferry at Ben Dam port
Trung Trac fast ferry at Ninh Kieu Wharf – Can Tho

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