Trung Trac Catamaran

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Trung Trac is the largest highspeed catamaran in Vietnam. It measures 46.85m in length and 12.2m in width and can carry up to 598 passengers.

The speedboat is equipped with four Roll – Royce MTU machines that can reach the maximum speed of 35 sea miles/hour (equivalent to 60km/hour).

Tàu cao tốc Đà Nẵng – Lý Sơn

Trung Trac high-speed boat is designed according to European standards and ensures national standards for high-speed ship building and classification. The ship is equipped with 2 large lifeboats, a life buoy system and individual buoys for guests along the hull. Advantages of double-hull vessels are safety, balance and high stability, minimizing seasickness.

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