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If you ever come to Da Nang, try to book Da Nang to Ly Son fast ferry ticket to experience a new land LY SON – a paradise in the middle of the sea in Quang Ngai.

Don’t know since when? Ly Son has been awarded a series of titles by the tourist followers such as Jeju Island or Maldives Vietnamese version. It is known that the island was formerly called Cu Lao Re, which is the remnant of a volcano with 5 mouths, formed about 25-30 million years ago.

Located about 70 nautical miles from Da Nang and 15 nautical miles from the nearest mainland, the Ly Son archipelago includes Big Island (Ly Son, or known as Re islet), Be island (Bo Bai island) in the north. Big Island and Mu Cu Island to the east of Big Island. Tourists can completely move back and forth between the islands to visit. The sea water here is quite clear and the waves are calm, very suitable for those who love peace and wildness.

The best ideal time to travel Ly Son

Ly Son is located in Quang Ngai province, so the climate here also has many features of the central climate such as the year-round temperature is always high, averaging 25-30 degrees. The climate is suitable for tourism activities.

Ly Son four seasons have four different looks. Spring, cool climate, green trees. In the summer, the hot sun makes up for the blue sea, white sand, and richer seafood. In winter, the landscape is majestic and blurred.

But most clearly, a year here is divided into two seasons: dry season and rainy season.

The dry season starts from March to September every year. In the dry season, in Ly Son, it rains quite a bit, if any, it is just quick showers. The rainy season starts from October to February of the following calendar year, in which there is a period of rain and storms, often with heavy rain, violent seas, often falling in October to before the Lunar New Year every year. In the rainy season, Ly Son rains a lot, so it will affect travel and play.

Ly Son is always beautiful, but the best time to go to Ly Son is the dry season, usually from April – May to September every year, tourists flock to Ly Son very crowded. June is when the sea is calmest, the sky and Ly Son beach are the most beautiful.

Going to Ly Son in the rainy season will be quieter. If you go in the rainy season, you must watch the weather carefully and avoid stormy days. If you want to go to Ly Son to attend the Paracels swearing ceremony, you need to remember the period of March.

Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry

The distance from Da Nang to Ly Son is about 70 nautical miles, with a train speed of 30-35 knots, it takes about 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes. shorter time and distance compared to using road vehicles to Quang Ngai city; create favorable conditions for visitors to Da Nang to visit tourism combined with sightseeing, experience Ly Son island and return in the same day.

Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry Ly Son – Da Nang fast ferry
Trung Trac fast ferry at Song Han port

Ticket price of Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry

According to the published fare table for fast ferry on Da Nang – Ly Son route, it is applied for one way to/or back with all taxes and fees specifically as follows:

From Monday to Thursday

  • VIP: 900,000 VND
  • ECO: 590,000 VND
  • Elderly/Children: 470,000 VND
  • People with disabilities: 410,000 VND

From Friday, Sunday, Holidays, Tet

  • VIP: 900,000 VND
  • ECO: 720,000 VND
  • Elderly/Children:  570,000 VND
  • People with disabilities: 500,000 VND


  • VAT included
  • Children (6-11 years old) and elderly people (over 60 years old) apply Eco discount according to Company policy
  • Children under 6 years old or less than 1m2 in case of sharing a seat with an accompanying adult will be free of charge for boarding the ferry

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To increase the chances of success when booking ticket of Ly Son fast ferry online, you need to prepare the necessary personal information including: Full name, year of birth, ID number of you and your companions, a device with good internet connection and a sufficient Visa or Master international payment card. money…

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Ly Son fast ferry ticket agent

Check-in points not to be missed in Ly Son

Ly Son island district has an area of ​​​​about 100km2, including Ly Son Big Island, also known as Cu Lao Re, about 15 nautical miles from Sa Ky sea mouth and Ly Son Be Island.

Over 11 million years of tectonics from the first eruptions, nature has endowed Ly Son with beautiful landscapes and unique terrain. Currently, on the island, there are still 10 craters (7 on shore and 3 under water) that have been extinguished, of which the most unique are the two craters, Gieng Tien and Thoi Loi, with craters, volcanic sediments, and gates. stone and even “ancient shipwreck graveyard under the water.

This place is also the convergence and interference of great cultures such as Sa Huynh, Champa and Dai Viet with a system of 4 national cultural relics, 17 provincial cultural relics and many types of non-governmental cultures. Another unique object, the most typical and unique, is the Ceremony of Retirement of Hoang Sa soldiers, which has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Ly Son is also likened to a living museum, where valuable documents, documents and evidence are kept affirming Vietnam’s sovereignty over the East Sea.

Ly Son island district is also known as the “kingdom” of delicious onions and garlic, which is famous throughout the country.

Ly Son Big Island 

Coming to Ly Son Big Island, you will have the opportunity to visit typical tourist attractions such as To Vo gate, Thoi Loi mountain, Hang Pagoda, Cau Cave, Hoang Sa team gallery cum Bac Hai manager ..

To Vo Gate

To Vo Gate is a famous place on Ly Son big island – a place that anyone who sets foot in Ly Son should visit once.

This is a stone “arch” about 2.5m high, shaped like an arch formed during volcanic eruptions. Around To Vo Gate are shiny black lava rocks with strange shapes undulating on the clear water of Ly Son island.
The wonderful scenery makes To Vo Gate also known by another beautiful name, Heaven’s Gate. This is also the top favorite photography spot for young people when coming to Ly Son Island.

Thoi Loi Mountain – Ly Son Island is one of the unique volcanoes that have been extinguished for a long time in the island district, nearly 170m high above sea level. Standing on the top of Thoi Loi, you can observe the whole island with vast garlic fields and look out to the sea in the distance.

Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda, also known as Thien Khong Thach, freely inhabited the island to take advantage of the natural stone cave established 400 years ago. The pagoda is located in the northeast of Ly Son island, at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain. Along the sea, there are caves such as Bat cave, Cau cave in An Hai commune.

Cau Cave

Cau Cave is eroded by waves and sea breezes, “deeply carved” into the mountain bed, formed over thousands of years from lava, creating an extremely beautiful beauty. Located in Dong village, An Hai commune at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain, Cau Cave has a majestic natural setting between the sea on one side and the mountain on the other.

The exhibitor of the Hoang Sa Team and the manager of the North Sea

The exhibition house of Hoang Sa and Bac Hai team is a place to keep valuable documents and living evidences about the journey to reclaim, establish milestones and protect Vietnam’s sovereignty in the East Sea of ​​soldiers from three , four centuries ago.

Ly Son Little Island

Small Island is as the name suggests, a beautiful little baby lying peacefully in the northwest of the Big Island. From the harbor in Big Island, visitors can take a canoe for about 15 minutes to Be Island.

On sunny days, the sea water here is emerald green. Covering an area of ​​less than 1 square kilometer, there are long stretches of white sand. Around the beach, there are many rows of dark black rocks stretching along the shore, which are sediments left by volcanoes millions of years ago.

Motorbikes are now a means of transportation and sightseeing in Be Island. Coming to Be Island, visitors can visit the landscape of Back Beach, which is made up of millions of years old volcanic sedimentary cliffs, forming an arc reaching out to the sea, swimming in the clear blue sea. Visitors can also experience diving to see corals, diving to see the sedimentary rock gate underwater.

The geological structure of Be Island is not the same as Big Island, so it is possible that Be Island is not separated from Big Island but possibly from the mainland due to volcanic impact millions of years.

Cuisine in Ly Son island

Coming to Ly Son, in addition to visiting the beautiful scenery, visitors can also enjoy delicious and delicious local dishes.

Garlic salad

Garlic salad is a specialty on Ly Son Island that is eaten with thick, fleshy, fragrant grilled rice paper, scooped with a pinch of garlic salad and then dipped with chili fish sauce.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed is finely chopped, mixed with cooked cooking oil and spices including fish sauce, lemon, sugar, neme powder and herbs, roasted peanuts, fried rice paper or eaten with rice.

King crab

King crab is one of the famous specialties in Ly Son, it is considered the king of all kinds of crabs. Previously, king crab was one of the specialties of the king because of its delicious and quality meat. King crab has a strange and eye-catching shape. This species has thick and hard armor, red-pink color, many tiny spikes down the body. Big crab claws, sharp edges.

King Crab – A dish chosen by many diners

Ta ma fish

Depending on the season, the Ta ma fish is processed into a grilled dish, cooked with shallot soup, sour soup, hot pot, and porridge.

Grilled Ta ma fish on Ly Son island


Conch has the best taste when stir-fried with lemongrass. Snail meat is crispy and lumpy, delicious, sweet mixed with spicy lemongrass flavor that makes you still want to eat it. Not that, conch is always one of the top choices of tourists when coming here.

Means of transportation and accommodation in Ly Son

Currently, Ly Son has 14 hotels, including 2 4-star hotels, 80 motels, and 62 homestays capable of serving 2,500 guests. Currently, there are about 30 16-seat and 7-seat cars; 30 trams carry tourists.

From Da Nang to Ly Son by fast ferry will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes, passengers when booking fast ferry ticket from Da Nang to Ly Son should consult in advance FERRY SCHEDULE to take the initiative for your own time and journey.

Transportation from Big Island to Little Island by canoe. When exploring Little Island, for those who go alone, couples or simply want to take the initiative to go on their own time, renting a motorbike to explore Ly Son will be the most suitable and often chosen by the owner. The accommodation is rented right away, so it’s quite convenient.

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