Luggage policy when traveling on Ly Son Express boat

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To ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, Ly Son Express has a specific baggage policy as follows:

  • Passengers are entitled to a free baggage allowance of up to 15 kg for each booked Ly Son Express ticket.
  • Passengers must pay charges for baggage in excess of the allowed free allowance and by the method specified in the Company’s regulations.
  • Children accompanied by adults are not entitled to free baggage allowance.
  • Passengers are not allowed to bring goods and objects that are prohibited from being transported on board according to current laws and regulations of company.
  • We reserve the right to refuse carriage of baggage that is in violation of the regulations or in our opinion unsuitable for carriage for safety or operational reasons. If passengers commit violations, we have the right to sanction according to company’s regulations or propose prosecution in accordance with the law.

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