Revealing some of the first images of the boat running Da Nang – Ly Son route

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According to newly announced information from Phu Quoc Express, the boat runnin Da Nang – Ly Son route will depart for the first time on March 29, 2022. The ferry running Da Nang – Ly Son route will be one of the three largest double-hull speedboats in Vietnam of Phu Quoc Express named Trung Trac with a capacity of 600 passengers with outstanding advantages:

  • The boat has an aluminum alloy shell imported from Europe.
  • Rolls Royce (MTU) machine made in Germany.
  • High factor of safety at sea in all weather conditions.
  • Optimal speed up to 35 knots, bringing you to the island in the most economical time.
  • Low noise engine, no shock.
  • The spacious and comfortable space makes you feel like you are enjoying a vacation on a real five-star ferry.
Trung Trac fast ferry
Interior of Trung Trac fast ferry
VIP seats on Trung Trac fast ferry
The deck chair on the Trung Trac Express ferry can be comfortably reclined
ECO seat on Ly Son Express fast ferry
Scenic seats on the deck of Trung Trac ferry
The deck on the Trung Trac boat has a capacity of 50 passengers, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, clouds and sky
The system of buoys and life rafts on the Trung Trac boat
Trung TRac fast ferry at Ben Dam Port

The new route creates favorable conditions for tourists to easily exchange, learn about culture and experience the proud beauties of the Vietnamese homeland. At the same time, it has strategic significance to help tighten links between regions, easy transshipment from the continental shelf to remote islands, contributing to turning the shipping tourism industry into a spearhead industry of the country.

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Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry ticket

Phone number: 088 921 1234 – 088 927 1234 – 088 937 1234


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