Support service to choose seats on Ly Son Express fast ferry

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You book tickets for Ly Son Express fast ferry for the whole family, group of friends, traveling company, but want to choose seats next to each other? To enjoy a fun ferry ride, book your seat now!

VớWith the seat selection function, you can easily choose a row of wide-legged seats, a seat next to the window, near the aisle, etc., depending on your preferences right during the process of booking Ly Son Express fast ferry tickets on

You can choose your favorite seat during the online booking process or request a seat selection in advance through our customer care center via the hotline: 0889211234 or 0889271234

On some boats, to ensure the safety of passengers, the check-in staff as well as the flight attendants have the right to change the seat of any passenger. All support costs for choosing seats on the boat are free, so please do not hesitate.

The secret to choosing a seat on Da Nang – Ly Son boat

Running on the Da Nang – Ly Son route is a Trung Trac double-hull fast ferry, the boat is equipped with luxurious interiors, modern entertainment equipment, a spacious passenger compartment that creates comfort, helping crew and passengers do not get tired and reduce seasickness syndrome.

Currently, we support customers to choose their favorite seats so that they can bring the smoothest and safest journeys for their families, relatives and friends when coming to Con Dao District.

Trung Trac ferry has 598 seats including: 30 VIP seats, 176 upper deck seats and 392 Eco seats distributed as follows:

The 30-seat VIP cabin is arranged separately close to the control room, so it ensures the smoothest and most private journey for customers to choose. Equipped with comfortable equipment such as LCD screen and wireless headset, customers can be entertained during the 2-hour boat ride to Ly Son island.

VIP seat compartment of Trung Trac boat

Upper deck chair: with 176 seats (depending on each ship, we arrange different numbers of seats, but not much difference), this chair is suitable for those who want to explore, look at the sea and sky around . Here you can go right to the deck just 1 door away.

The deck chair on the Trung Trac Express boat can be comfortably reclined

Downstairs – 392 Eco seats: The lower deck chair is suitable for people who are seasick, because running downstairs is less shaken, so it is preferred by many customers.

The row of ECO seats downstairs is also very comfortable

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Contact information for booking Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry ticket

Da Nang – Ly Son fast ferry ticket

Telephone number: 088 921 1234 – 088 927 1234 – 088 937 1234


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